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Is there a way to show the USERID of a CA 7 user who made changes to CA 7 during their logon session?


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CA 7 Workload Automation


Per Audits, we need to supply the USERID of the USER making JOB changes within CA-7. The SASSHIS8 using HR02 show detail information. Additionally, we need the credentials to determine the source of the changes.


Component: 7


Yes, you can code LOGOPID=ALL in the CA 7 INIT File on the SECURITY STMT. You must  recycle CA 7 for the init file change. 
Next, in your HR02 Detail Transaction Report, code the value of  *ALL* in your SYSIN, starting in column 42-49.  This will
produce the operator or logon id. 

If the operator ID was not being logged (SECURITY,LOGOPID=NO), or LOGOPID=YES and an operator 
logged on before the time period being reported, the field shows *UNKNOWN.