Not able to scroll beyond the 100th dropdown option of Search criteria field in Find & Reserve Form


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


After creating a Legacy Find & Reserve model based on an environment holding a MS SQL Server database table, and enabled one of the columns in the search criteria as a dropdown field, users are not able to scroll through more than the 100th option in the dropdown list. The list only shows 100 options, whereas the valid entries in the database contain more than a hundred entries (about 298 entries). Is there a property setting we can adjust to show all available options in the list?


Component: TDMWBP


TDM Portal is working as designed. The value of 100 is hardcoded in front end, and can not be modified.

The dropdown search fields are meant to be used for “FIND DATA” refinement and fetch only 100 records at max due to the usability and performance. If a user needs to see all the records, they can just hit “FIND DATA”, which in turn also fetches only 100 records, but supports pagination, so if you’d scroll all the way down, it is going to fetch next 100 records. In other words, If a user really needs to see some values in the dropdown and they do not, they should refine the search term. If a user does not know what data is stored in the db columns and does not know what to put in the search field, they can just hit “FIND DATA”, study the values and then refine the result.

Additional Information

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