Going to a Custom Sub-page Pop-up windows does not close on hitting Save and Return


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When clicking on the link from the portlet to go to subpage of Status Report that opens as Pop-up windows does not close on hitting Save or Save and Return, instead it is taking you to the List of Status Reports instances.



1. Create the boolean attribute on the Status Report object
2. Create a new Subpage on the Status Report > Edit Layout
3. Create a Section named Approval under Subpage created above
4. Add the above custom attribute to the Approval Section
5. Use the below NSQL to create a NSQL query
@select:dim:user_def:implied:SR:sr.id:[email protected],
@select:dim_prop:user_def:implied:SR:i.code:[email protected],
@select:dim_prop:user_def:implied:SR:i.name:[email protected]
inv_investments i
  inner join ODF_CA_COP_PRJ_STATUSRPT sr on i.id = SR.ODF_PARENT_ID
WHERE @[email protected]
6. Create a Link to Status Report Approval subpage by passing the parameter status_report_db_id
7. Now create a Portlet with the data source as the above NSQL query, make sure you click on properties for the status_report_db_id and select "Open as Pop-up" as well as point Link to the Subpage you created in the Step 2 above.
8. Add the portlet to a custom Tab on the home page and test
9. Ensure you give yourself access to the subpage created earlier if you made it secure.
10. Click on Status Report link id from thw portlet and it taking you to the subpage created earlier with just one boolean attribute on it.
11. Click on Return or Save and Return and it is taking you to the Status Report instances List instead of taking you back to the portlet you came from.

Expected Results: It should take user to the portlet from where you click to the link

Actual Results: it is taking user back to the status report instance list


Component: PPMSTU


DE44674, Fixed in 15.6.0