Action taking longer time to execute action HP-UX
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Action taking longer time to execute action HP-UX


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


When we are running an action as other user for example testadmin it take more than 2 minutes to connect and execute the action.


HP UX : 11.31


ISSUE (KNOW HP-UX ISSUE) :The newer version of the ssh daemon (/usr/bin/sshd) will read the entire file /var/adm/wtmps if it exists. Since this file grows without bound, it can become exceeding large and cause delays in the login process


  1. Please locate /var/adm/wtmps and inspect it's size. The chances that file might be of a large size.
  2. If so, the solution is to purge file or clean its content:
  3. Then retest a flow in CA RA, to see and please let me know on the outcome.

Additional Information

The man page for wtmps states:

Note that wtmps and btmps tend to grow without bound, and should be checked regularly. Information that is no longer useful should be removed periodically to prevent the file from becoming too large. Also note that wtmps and btmps are not created by the programs that maintain them. Thus, if these files are removed, login record-keeping is turned off."