Where do we find API Samples?
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Where do we find API Samples?


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Aion Business Rules Expert


Would like to call AION processes from an API. Need some instructions and samples.

Where are the samples and documentation located to allow a user to build an API to call any AION process?


z/OS interface


In the Wrapper file you can find the following information:
wrapper - Interface Layers Example   

This example demonstrates the use of interface layers (also known 
as wrappers) to enable an Aion application to interact with a 
program written in another language.  The interface layer is 
specified at edit-time in the Aion application's Library Properties 
Build Directives.  When the application is built, the appropriate 
code is generated for the wrapper.  

Wrappers demonstrated in this example are C and C++. 
This example includes both regular (call-in) instance methods
and event (call-out) instance methods.
Also, the samples etc. can be loated here:
Open the Aion Windows IDE
Click 'Help' -> 'Help Topics'
\examples folder. 
 All of the examples are in the %AION_HOME%\examples folder