Exclude projects from the Staffing Plan you are no longer working on
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Exclude projects from the Staffing Plan you are no longer working on


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There are projects listed under your name in the Modern / New User Experience (UX / MUX) Clarity Staffing Plan portlet, for which your time is over. The project is listed as active, but you have no ETC, and the task and team tabs both have your involvement ending in 2018. Is there a way to remove projects like this from your list in the Resource to Investments portlet? 


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It's working as designed that these projects still show up under the list of projects in the Resource to Investments portlet.


You can filter out projects based on dates based on your Start Period set in Settings, but the filter uses the Investment dates and not the Resource Availability/Allocation dates to determine which projects show up in the portlet.

  1. In the New UX, click on the drop down in the upper right hand corner next to your name and click on Settings
  2. Change the Start Period to a date that is more recent (for example: 4/29/2019 to exclude projects where the project end date is is prior to 4/29/19)
  3. When you return to the portlet, it should filter out the investments where the end date is earlier than those dates.

Note: You can also use the telescope in the portlet to filter on specific time frames.

Additional Information

For steps on how to filter out inactive investments in the New UX, see: Inactive Projects Show in Modern Staffing UX