Deploying robot_update v7.97 on top of v7.93 does not update the version displayed in the controller GUI Status window (Win2k8)


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The controller GUI version 'mismatch' only occurs when deploying robot_update v7.97 robot_update on top of a v7.93 robot running Windows 2008 (NON-R2), either 32 or 64-bit. This does not occur when upgrading from robot_update v7.80 to v7.97.


- controller GUI display issue


- UIM 8.5 or higher


The controller GUI display issue occurs when upgrading from robot_update v7.93 directly by deploying robot_update v7.97 on top of 7.93.

The problem does NOT occur if upgrading from robot_update v7.80 directly by deploying robot_update v7.97.

If you downgrade to v7.80, and then deploy v7.97, the issue does NOT occur.

Note that if you upgrade from robot_update v7.93 to robot_update v7.97HF3, you avoid the GUI display issue and the version (7.97HF3 in the controller GUI),  displays correctly.