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When moving a device that has both SNMP and CAMM components to another DC, the CAMM components stop polling


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CAMM components to polling when the related SNMP device is moved to another data collector


Release: IMDAGG99000-3.5-Infrastructure Management-Data Aggregator


This issue is resolved in CA Performance Mangement 3.6.6, form the 3.6.6 release notes for defect DE407756 

Symptom: When moving a SNMP device between Data Collectors, the polling config for the CAMM device would have it's associated DC itemid updated, causing issue with CAMM poll processing. Also, when checking the polling config for a CAMM device, it could show all the SNMP components on the device also. 

Resolution: Updated the move device code to not update the CAMM polling config's DC itemid. Updated the code, that determines what goes into the CAMM polling config, to only include CAMM components.