CDM metrics showing on metrics tab but not usm details tab
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CDM metrics showing on metrics tab but not usm details tab


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


CDM Memory metrics are visible under the metrics page but not in the details page.
We tried the following:
1) UPDATE S_QOS_DATA SET S_QOS_DATA.ci_metric_id = NULL FROM S_QOS_DATA AS sqd LEFT JOIN CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM_METRIC ccim ON sqd.ci_metric_id = ccim.ci_metric_id WHERE ccim.ci_metric_id IS NULL AND sqd.ci_metric_id IS NOT NULL; - This query has run against DB
2) _nis_cache_clean _reset_device_id_and_restart has been performed on the robot.

These did not help resolve the issue.
How can we correct this issue?


UIM 9.02
Robot is running on version 7.97
cdm - 6.33mc


in the S_QOS_DATA table the client had the FQDN in the target and not Memory.
This was causing the problem as the robot name was short host name.


To find problem system you can run the following query:
select * from s_qos_data where probe = 'cdm' and qos like '%memory_p% 'and target not like '%Memory%

- run a delete query to remove these entries.

-make sure the CDM probe is on version cdm 6.34 or newer
-make sure on the setup tab you have the set QoS target as Memory checked
-deactivate and activate the cdm probe.
-wait 30 minutes and check the display.