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Inconsistent Date Formats in the New UI


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


All dates displayed in the New UI do not derive their format from the "Locale" set in Account Settings. This leads to inconsistent date formats when the whole of New UI is considered in general.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. In the new UI
2. Click on projects icon
3. PROJECT TILES date format is dd-MON-yyyy  (Month is all upper case)
4. Click into one of the projects and go to DETAILS page - date format is Mon dd yyyy (Month is sentence case and first)
5. Go to TASKS BOARD - CARD FACE Finish Date shows MMM DD (no year)
6. Click into the Task Card to show Quick Edit - date format is Mon dd yyyy (Month is sentence case and first)

Expected Results: The dates rely on locale information for determining their format
Actual Results: Only some dates in some pages derive their format from locale settings.


Release: CODSFF99100-15.6-PPM SAAS-Full Function User


This inconsistency was reported as a defect with ID DE47872. But after a review, Product Management has determined that this is working as per current designs.


Please submit an enhancement request if a change in this design is deemed necessary for your organization.

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