CA View - Updating the View Database to the 12.2 Level
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CA View - Updating the View Database to the 12.2 Level


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In this article are listed the steps necessary to upgrade a CA View database to the 12.2 level. 



CA View - Release 12.2


A SARDBASE VERSION updates the View index by adjusting the index record fields to the format of the upgraded code. 

As the SARINIT parameters are loaded to the database data layer, there would be no change necessary in the SARINIT parameters, to go to the next level of database. 

The below process should be used to VERSION View databases to the 12.2 level: 

. Stop all CA View tasks (SARSTC, SARFSS, SARXMS, SAREAS, SARXTD) and any CA Deliver RMOSTC tasks that write directly to the View database. 
. Using View 12.2 code, run SARDBASE VERSION 12.2. 
. Modify the CVDEPENU(SARJCL1) member, and run SARDBASE OLOAD, to load the 12.2 panels. 
. Run SARDBASE BLOAD, to load the 12.2 model banner pages. 
. Restart all CA View tasks and CA Deliver tasks that were shut down.