Clarity PPM: Field Default Not Showing Up on Project Creation
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Clarity PPM: Field Default Not Showing Up on Project Creation


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When creating a project from template, there is a default value that should be showing up on a URL field, but it is not. The default value only populates after clicking on Save. 


Component: ODSTU


This behavior is due to the template not having a value populated for the URL field, so there is no URL to be copied from the template to the newly created project. However, the value then populates after clicking on Save due to a combination of settings that can be set on the attribute (Value Required, Presence Required, and Read Only all being checked). 

There are two options to get it to where the value populates from the beginning when creating a project from one of the existing templates, either: 

1. On the URL attribute on the Project object, select the option to 'Populate Null Values with the Default'. 
- This will populate all of the templates, and any other project currently having a blank URL, with the default URL set on this attribute. 


2. Temporarily uncheck the 'Read-Only' option on the URL attribute.
- Then the URL field can be manually populated on the existing project templates. After populating the URL on the templates, the 'Read-Only option can then again be checked on the URL attribute.