CA View - SC03 Abends Occurring in Application Jobs
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CA View - SC03 Abends Occurring in Application Jobs


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The client found that they had some application jobs that abend with a SC03 condition, regarding datasets that are dynamically allocated in the corresponding application programs. 



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The client's vendor said the following: 

We think we have found a flaw in the application code at file closing time. 
The final call to our assembler sub routine did not include the closing parameter. 
It appears, the recent system updates to TSYS and subsequent IPL has exposed a logic flow in some of our programs, where an explicit close to spool files were missing. 
By explicitly coding for a spool close, we were able to prevent the SC03 abend. 

Our MVS team is also working with IBM and have obtained a dump for diagnostics. 
IBM has identified an APAR that may also be related to resolving this, but it appears the application code as previously mentioned is the culprit. 
This appears to only be happening with a specific application.