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Unable to start App service: Failed to set the user for service 'CA PPM App Server'


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When trying to start the Clarity app service from the command line or NSA, the app won't start. From the command line, the following message is displayed when attempting to restart the app:
"If "Username" is a local account, it must be prefixed with ".\"

Failure occurred: 
Failed to set the user for service "CA PPM App Server". Please verify that the credentials are correct. 


Component: PPMENV


Check to see if any invalid user ids are in the Clarity PPM properties file (IE for Service User):
  1. On the Clarity server, go to the Clarity home directory/Config
  2. Take a backup of the properties.xml by copying pasting the file
  3. Open the properties.xml file in a word editor
  4. Do a CTRL+F for the user name in the error message above
  5. If this user is not the expected user, delete the user but leave the "" (Example for how the serviceUser and servicePassword should look for the app service below:
serviceUser="" servicePassword=""