Interface bytes and bits values are off each other - bytes x 8 is not equal to bits


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CA Infrastructure Management


We added the interface byte metric per steps here:

However, when we compare bytes total and bits total for any interface (or the corresponding in/out metrics), the values are off as bytes x 8 is not equal to bits.


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The reason for the discrepancy is because, in CA Performance Management, bits utilizes an upconversion of 1000 (decimal formatting) and bytes utilizes an upscaling of 1024 (binary formatting).  Another way to say ___byte if it is utilizing the binary formatting is by using the *bi prefix.  Take a look at the below chart for examples:

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Decimal vs Binary

Because of the 1000 vs 1024 difference, you cannot simply use *8 or /8 to convert.  The conversion from Gibi to Giga is actually 8.58. Take this for example:

24.3 x 8.58 = 208.494

So 24.3 Gibibytes = 208.4 Gigibits (rounded to 1 decimal place)


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