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How do you include data in Resource Planning portlets for inactive projects?


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How do you include data in Resource Planning portlets for inactive projects/investments in Clarity PPM?


Component: ODSTU


To filter on inactive investments, unhide the field 'Investment Active' in the filter section of the portlet.


  • You will only then be able to filter on all active or all inactive, but not both. 
  • This portlet was designed to report on actively being worked projects which is why the investment active checkbox is hidden by default. One known limitation is listed below.

Here is how you can configure the 'Investment Active' field to show on the filter section for the Resource Planning page: Allocation tab: Weekly Detail portlet as referenced in the following tech tip: Clarity Tuesday Tip - Hidden Active Filter Field.

1. Administration > Portlets > filter for "Weekly Detail"
If you go to List Filter Section > Layout, you will not find the "Investment Active" field
2. Go to Fields, change "Display" drop down from "Selected" to "All"
3. Look for the field "Investment Active", when found click on the Properties icon
4. Uncheck the "Hidden in Filter" check box
5. Save and Return

Back on the portlet on the Home side, once you have clicked on the expand icon on the portlet, you will now see the Investment Active filter field, and can set the value to either Yes or No to help narrow down the data returned on the portlet.

Note: One known limitation is that you are unable to select inactive investments from the 'Investment' browse field in the filter section. However, here are some options to narrow down filter results:

  1. If you add the 'Investment Name' attribute to the filter which is a text field (versus the 'Investment' field which is a browse field), you can enter the name of the project and search for one particular inactive investment (make sure that Investment Active is set to No if using the pull down option (or the check box unchecked)
  2. The other options would be to use one of the other available filter options to help narrow down the project to a certain OBS, resource, etc.