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Status Report name takes the default value instead of auto-numbered in MUX


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


If the Status Report Name field contains a default value and is Auto-Numbering enabled, the Classic UI follows the Auto-Numbering pattern, while the Modern User Experience (UX) takes the Default value


  1. Go to Studio > Objects > Status Report object
  2. Go to the attributes list
  3. Edit the Name field.
  4. Set a default value: MyStatusrpt
  5. Go to the Auto-Numbering tab
  6. Enable it and set any pattern. Example SR0000
  7. Go to the Classic UI
  8. Edit a project and go to the Status Report subobject
  9. Create a Status Report
  10. The name attribute takes the Auto-Numbering pattern SR00001
  11. Go to the new UX and open the same project
  12. On the Status Report tab, click on the plus sign to create a new Status Report
  13. The Status Report is created.

Expected Results: The Status Report name gets the Auto-Numbering pattern as SR00002
Actual Results: The Status Report name gets the default value of MyStatusrpt


Release: 15.6
Component: Status Reports


This is caused by DE48792


Fixed in 15.7