How to reflect model correction (Plex r6.1 -> Plex r7.2.1)


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CA Plex


Could you please tell us how to apply the corrections made to the local model of Plex r6.1 to the local model of Plex r7.2.1?


Plex 7.2.


There is an XML export / import function as a function to copy objects between local models.
* For details, please refer to the online help "User Guide"-"Chapter 2 Model Management"-"Export / Import Model Objects" chapter.
Objects must be extracted in the same model configuration (version language etc.) as at the time of export in the local model of import destination.
In the case of your company, it is considered that the model configurations (version language etc.) at export (Plex r6.1) and import (Plex r 7.2.1) are different because of the contents of past inquiries. It seems that using the import feature is not possible.
Therefore, it seems that there is no choice but to make the correction made in Plex r6.1 the same way in Plex r7.2.1.