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Unable to start CABI probe after changing database


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Changed data engine to the new database. However not able to start the cabi & wasp probe on cabi robot. Tried to re-deploy the cabi and wasp probe. But it is still not able to start up. 


UIM 8.51
Bundled cabi 3.x


Here only database ip has been changed as the older database migrated to different database server .The credentials remain the same .
UIM and UMP applications are working correctly 


1)Deactivate wasp and cabi on Cabi server 
2)Change the database ip to point to correct one in below file after taking backup  
3)Activate wasp and cabi probe on CABI server

After cabi and wasp are active 

Login to cabi directly using default credentials 

Validate the below data sources 
UIM Datasource 
public/ca/uim/ datasources/UIM datasource/ edit the datasource and update the IP if incorrect 

View > Repository > Public -> ca -> UIM > datasources -> UIM Datasource > Edit > Test Connection 

View > Repository > Public -> ca -> UIM > datasources -> UIM JNDI Datasource > Edit > Test Connection