CA View - User Exit Job BRMSSECX Receives Error RC008
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CA View - User Exit Job BRMSSECX Receives Error RC008


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The client received a RC=008 error when assembling their source for the SARSECUX exit.


CA View - Releases through 14.0


The assembly error was received because of : 

** ASMA044E Undefined symbol - CPLUID 

The source that the client was using was old source, and not the source supplied with the 14.0 product. 

Starting with the View 11.0 SARSECU1 (SARSECUX exit) code, the field CPLUSER is used in place of CPLUID. 

The client was advised to use the View 14.0 member CVDEOPTN(SARSECU1), as the source for the SARSECUX exit. 
Also, when doing the assembling, use the View 14.0 macros, found in the CVDEMAC library. 

Note to all: 
 When upgrading a View release, you need to use the most recent source provided for the exit, as the starting point to make your exit modifications. 

Reassembling, APPLYing, the new source will produce an up-to-date module.