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How to Check User Session Activity in Clarity


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Is there a way to check if users are logged into the system?


One or more of the following methods can be used:

1. The app-access logs can be obtained and viewed.

2. The Administration > Security and Diagnostics > Log Analysis page can be used
This depends on the Tomcat Analysis job.


This table contains one row for each active authenticated user session
The session begins when a user logs in.
The session ends when a user logs out or when the session expires or is cleared by the Clean User Sessions job.

When a user logs in, a session record is inserted into CMN_SESSIONS.

The record will exist for the duration of that session.
-If the user clicks the logout button, the session record is deleted automatically.
-If the user does not log out using the logout button, the session will be orphaned.
-If the user opens another browser and logs in Clarity will create a second session.

Using Workbench or MSP will cause a series of login and logouts due
to the nature of how these tools interact with Clarity. The nature of interface is that when it logs in, it retrieves the data and then logs out.
This can happen numerous times during the time that the user is using OWB or MSP. 

The CMN_SESSION_AUDITS table stores history of all authenticated user sessions begin and end. It tracks user session starts and stops, i.e.login and logout.