Killing a Job in Backlog does not kill process in Windows Agent


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


If a Job is running on a Windows Agent, killing the Job from the Backlog does not kill the actual process even though the Job ends in a KILLED status.


Security changes within the Windows Server architecture.


Release: 9.3
Component: APPMGR


Possible workarounds: 1. Kill identified process Ids from task manager - either manually or script based 2. Add a custom %AW_HOME%\exec\USER_KILLJOBS.bat script to parse process ids and kill tasks, send notifications, etc. Below is additional information on USER_KILLJOBS The USER_KILLJOBS script is called by KILLJOBS (executed when a task killed). The KILLJOBS script passes the Main process ID as the first parameter to the USER_KILLJOBS script. Below is a simple example of how to take the first parameter and kill all pids; however, this would need to be modified to your business needs. @echo on echo "In User Kill Jobs" >>%SQLOPER_HOME%\log\kill.%jobid%.log set spawn_pid=%1 echo "killing pid %spawn_pid%" >>%SQLOPER_HOME%\log\kill.%jobid%.log taskkill /f /t /pid %spawn_pid% echo "exiting user kill" >>%SQLOPER_HOME%\log\kill.%jobid%.log


Applications Manager 9.3.1 - Pending Release (Fall 2019)