Emoji Character Fails XML Validation


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


We have a soap service policy to which we send a smiley character. 
The character is sent by soapui as a smiley but in the policy, we receive #55357 and this results as an invalid xml request. 


Component: APIGTW


The issue has been narrowed down to the "Apply XSL Transformation" assertion. The Smiley Character when passed as an input, this assertion is unable to reproduce back the original Smiley, instead is printing out the UTF-8 encoded values of that particular smiley. This is a library limitation and will be fixed only in JDK12. As of April 25, 2019 JDK12 is not being used in API Gateway. When a future build of API gateway uses JDK12, the issue should be resolved.