What is the criteria to generate alarms for office 365
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What is the criteria to generate alarms for office 365


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


office365 help documentation regarding alarm configuration is unclear.


- UIM v8.5.1
- office365 v1.0


- Help documentation is unclear


Office365 probe does not generate alarms. It forwards alarms/events from office365 system itself as these are real time alarms for Services. Moreover, the office365 probe does not support setting alarm thresholds. The probe treats all data collected as QoS. Alarms are sourced in Office 365. The values are all collected as QoS. The probe collects 'state' information from Office365 and passes it as QoS.  It does not actually collect alarm information. Also there is no way to 'customize' messages. 

Everything the probe collects is listed here: 

The 'Service Current Status' has a listing of status levels and explanations. These codes are set by Office 365. It is not possible to configure individual alarm thresholds in the office365 probe. All events that come from office365 are converted to alarms automatically. 

This probe monitors only office365 Services and Licenses. Monitoring of messages in the message center is not supported at present.