Rally - When creating new artifact on the Team Board the schedule state gets set to Defined rather than a custom state


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally) CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


A new artifact created on the Team Board page with the "Add" button, rather than 'Create with details', gets a scheduled state of Defined by default rather than that of the 'lower' level of a custom schedule state (ex. 'Custom1').  The user does not have the 'New' column on their Team Board.  The first mapped column on the Team Board is mapped to the Defined schedule state.  If the user chooses 'Create with details' the artifact is created with the 'Custom1' schedule state by default. 


Component: ACSAAS


The Team Board was created to display columns based on flowstates which are mapped to Schedule States. The default schedule state that populates a new artifact when choosing 'Add New' will be the schedule state of the first mapped column.  This is working as designed.  If the user chooses to not map or add a new mapped column to the custom schedule state, then any artifacts added with the 'Add New' will default to the flowstate (mapped schedule state) which is displayed on the Team Board.  The result is that any newly added artifacts will show up on the board as it was designed to do. 

The following screen shots depicts that 'Add New' will populate the first mapped column.

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Should the user NOT desire the newly added artifact to show on the board they must use the 'Create with Details' option.  This requires an additional step or so but will also populate the new artifact with the lowest level 'custom' schedule state, in this example 'Custom1'.

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