Manual Oracle Database creation install scripts


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Would like to receive the Database installation SQL scripts to manually install the DB and create the tables and schemas.  We can't use installer to create these DBs, we have to use the manual method for DB creation.  How can this be done?


Component: IDMGR


There is not a way to pull the SQL out of the IDM, IG, or IP installer to create the Oracle table manually. The reason is. In IDM, IG and IP the SQL is not embedded in the installer or code. We use a utility that creates the SQL on the fly during the install. 

For high security sites we recommend you or DBA give the permissions to the Data source ID, install, and create schema as normal. Once up remove permissions from the ID once tables are created. 

Another option would be to use a Dev box or system not on the network, install, startup everything, truncate DB. Your DBA would need to move the DB where needed. This would need to be done by your DBA and out of scope of L1.