Deployed SOAP Web services includes only AdminService and Version services. URL shows AXIS error Could not generate WSDL


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Web services on one application server in an Advanced Availability configuration is working but for another APP server, only AdminService and Version services are listed, and the URL of the USD_R11_WebService wsdl returns the AXIS error - Could not generate WSDL!


1. Enter the following URL in the web browser, similar to:


Results on the page:

And now... Some Services

  • AdminService (wsdl)
    • AdminService
  • Version (wsdl)
    • getVersion

2. Enter the following URL in the web browser of the CA SDM application server, similar to: 


Results on the page:

AXIS error

Could not generate WSDL!

There is no SOAP service at this location. 


The SOAP web services have not been deployed on the server.

Keep in mind that in an Advanced Availability environment, web services should be deployed on an Application (APP) server.


Clarity Service Management 17.2
Clarity Service Management 17.1


Run pdm_configure, for the "Web interface" section, put a tick in the "Deploy SOAP Web Services" checkbox.

Additional Information

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