Is CA a participating independent software vendor (ISV) with IBM participating in the SCRT program?


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​The client is looking into using the SCRT (Sub Capacity Reporting Tool) to get a measurement of the CA products that we are currently using. Do you have a ISVLIB data set so that we could use that with the SCRT?
When supplied with an ISVLIB data set, SCRT analyzes the customer data and  reports on the specific utilization of ISV products represented in that data set. It will also report on the IBM operating system that is in use.




​CA Common services has this ability. Common services has two supported releases at this time r 14.1 and r 15.0 
Please review this link for common services r 14.1. You will need apply fix SO05852  for r 14.1.

Generate Sub-Capacity Reports for CA Technologies Products 
Last update December 17, 2018 

The IBM Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) captures one month of product usage data from one or more z Systems computers and creates reports for each computer. The reports provide the usage data for eligible CA Technologies products. 

The sub-capacity reports list the names of the CA Technology products that were running during a given month and the LPARs on which they were running. The quantities displayed in the report measure the z/OS product consumption at the time the CA Technologies product was running, but do not report a measurement of the actual consumption by the CA Technologies product. 

Important! To implement the capability to generate sub-capacity reports, apply PTF SO05852. 

Add the ISVLIB DD by specifying the CA Technologies product XML member CAS9SCRT in the CAW0OPTV data set. 


If you are running Common services release 15.0 then please review this Link