How to remove the Perform Reassignment button?
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How to remove the Perform Reassignment button?


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The Identity Manager workflow feature allows a Identity Manager task to be controlled by a workflow process. Workflow functionality like 'Approve', Reject' are 'Perform Reassignment' are made available via the Identity Portal.

Reassignment allows users and administrators to change the assignees of a work item after it is created. 

In some circumstances administrators may not want the 'Perform Reassignment' functionality to be available to Identity Portal end users.

On the Identity Management back-end approval task checking "Read Only" and unchecking "Delegates may reassign work item" causes the re-assignment functionality to dis-appear in the IM Web UI, but it is still available in the Identity Portal Web UI. 


CA Identity Suite 14.x
CA Identity Portal 14.x


There is no way to disable the reassign function in Identity Portal, however as a workaround a Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) can be used to make the reassign button disappear by adding the following CSS in the Custom CSS section of the Branding configuration:

.action-icon.reassign { display: none;

For more information on branding please refer to the product documentation (link below):