Exchange Monitor Setup unable to change Performance Check Interval


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


How can I change the "Performance Check Interval (sec)" box value in an Exchange Monitor mcs profile configuration from the default of 60 to something like 300 (or 5 minutes)?


Component: UIMMCT


By default once the profile is created it will install the perfmon probe on the same machine as the exchange_monitor probe, and will configure this value to a default value of 60. You can change this by opening the configuration of the perfmon probe on the exchange_monitor robot. Set the value to the number of seconds that you would like it set to. Apply the configuration.

This will not update the database for the mcs record however, and you will continue to see the old value of 60 in the configuration screen of the Monitoring tab where the profile exists. If you like you can also update this so that it is consistent with what is actually set at the probe.

To do this run the following query to determine the profile that needs to be updated:

FROM ssrv2configvalue cv
JOIN ssrv2profile p ON cv.profile=p.profileId
JOIN ssrv2device d ON p.cs_id=d.cs_id
WHERE cfgkey='/perfmon/interval' AND p.profileName='Exchange Monitor Setup';

To change the value in the database plug in the values that are needed from the first query:

UPDATE ssrv2configvalue set VALUE=<desired value> WHERE cfgkey='/perfmon/interval' AND PROFILE=<profile number>