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Attempt to compile an existing user program in which had compiled under CA Ideal 14.0 now fails under CA Ideal 15.1 with error:
1-IDCMCDEP23E - Decimal part of "DG" must be numeric, from 1 thru 18 


The number of decimal places for numeric zoned (N Z) fields cannot be greater that 18. 

Starting with CA Ideal 15.0, the compile will fail when this is flagged.



CA Ideal 


Update the definition of the numeric zoned (N Z ) WORKING DATA field to 18 or under decimal places and recompile.

Additional Information

The IDEAL Editor, Compiler and Source Transport Utility under CA Ideal 14.0 and earlier releases did not flag the decimal place greater than 18  but should have.

CA Ideal 14.0 and earlier RUNTIME only processed 18 decimal places.
So the 14.0 code that showed WORKING DATA field  N Z Ch/Dg with decimals greater than 18 was really processing N Z Ch/18.

With CA Datacom/DB 15.0, the new entity DOCUMENT was introduced for use with IDEAL/WEB applications. .
This change caused major updates to the IDEAL EDITOR, COMPILER and Source Transport, resulting in the correction that flags the decimal places exceeding 18. 

CA Ideal Source transport 15.n (IDUTSTRN utility) IMPORT or EXPORT of a PGM with greater than 18 decimals will give:

1-IDCMCDEP23I - Decimal part of "DG" must be numeric, from 1 thru 18 

Note the "I" at the end indicates an "informational" message so the IMPORT job completes and the PROGRAM is added in IDEAL.
COMPILE of the IMPORT'd PROGRAM without changes results in the error message: 

CMCDEP23-E Decimal part of "DG" must be numeric, from 1 thru 18

Refer to CA Datacom Messages for IDCMCDEP23 - Decimal part of "DG" must be numeric, from 1 thru 31