Form Table Header only shows 5 Characters


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A column named "Bitte wählen Sie einen Service aus" will only shows "Bitte...".

How can we show the whole label for Form table header?


CA Service Catalog 17.x


The solution for this issue is provided in fix T6D9441.

Additional Information

Below steps can help in displaying the values completely

1. Navigate to the Administration Tab - Forms on Catalog Web UI 

2. Select the Form that has your table - Row 

3. To the top right of the window you will note a properties - "Column Widths" 

4. Provide a value greater than 70 as per your design for each column with coma separated values.i.e. if you have 3 columns then provide a value like 80,80,80. 

5. Save the property value and refresh the page. 

Note: If the value is greater than 80, the screen will be presented with scroll bars for further visibility of the field and the default max values that will be displayed are 15 characters and will be truncated there after.