Upgrade hundreds of Custom IntroscopeAgent profile files
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Upgrade hundreds of Custom IntroscopeAgent profile files


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


We currently have 103 different custom profiles being used in our APM environments

Are there any tools to assist with the upgrade of custom IntroscopeAgent.profile files? .


CA APM 10.7


 Consider using the CA APM Command Center agent package to push the Agent profile .

1. Login to ACC. Go to "Bundles"
2. Switch to 'Packages' screen in ACC. Click 'New ' to create new bundle.
- set the name of the bundle and other input fields. Click 'Customize'
- During the 'Select bundles' step, verify that your bundle is not added to the package by default. You have to add it explicitly. Click 'Next'
- On 'Configure Bundles' step verify that your bundle is present in the list and that the bundle configuration does not list the property 'introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile'. Do not override this property in 'Java Agent Base' or any other bundles - it is not needed since the custom PBD should be picked up automatically
- Click 'Next' and then 'Done' to complete bundle creation
5. To have a clean test, deploy new package instead of pushing changes through ACC :
- Stop the agent and delete or move out the 'wily' folder.
- Download the newly created package from ACC.
- Copy the 'wily' folder from the archive to the application folder - so that it replaces the old 'wily' folder just deleted or moved out.
6. Start your application as typically done,

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