Software AG’s NATURAL and SRAM return codes
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Software AG’s NATURAL and SRAM return codes


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Utilizing SRAM for sort with a Software AG’s NATURAL program that feeds into ADABAS. SRAM produces a failed sort return code but the NATURAL program ignores the error condition and continues to process.

How do we allow SAM and Software AG’s NATURAL to work together to pass the correct return codes?


Software AG’s NATURAL 
SRAM from Broadcom any release


Guidance from Software AG is to set EXTEOJ= to ON so that NATURAL detects the return code from SRAM or any other external sort product.
EXTEOJ=value specifies the action to be taken if an error is detected during the execution of the external sort program.
ON If an error is detected, sort processing is terminated. ON requires that the sort program used is able to detect a return code of 16 from both the E15 and E35 sort exit routines.

OFF If an error is detected, Natural withholds further calls to the sort program and ignores each record as it is passed to the E35 sort exit routine (this is the default).
This is in the NTSORT macro provided by Software AG for NATURAL
The SRAM option CHCK=YES  must be set as well.