Datacom Server ODBC no 64-bit IIS traces
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Datacom Server ODBC no 64-bit IIS traces


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No traces are written when running the latest 64-bit version of Datacom Server when using Datacom SQL Monitor which is written in PHP and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).


Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 


The Datacom Server ODBC driver is subject to the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server directory access restrictions.

While the bitness within a Windows process can not be mixed (64-bit application must use a Datacom Server 64-bit ODBC driver and must be executed in 64-bit mode on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or on the application server where it resides), regardless of bitness, the ability to write the trace logs lies mostly with the application and whether or not it has write access to the log location.

For example, given a 64-bit C application, turn on tracing and get gigabytes of log data in minutes.
However, try to capture the same 64-bit logs using Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) but nothing is written to the logs.
MS IIS and MS SQL Server processes restrict where they can write.
It depends on the userid associated with the process.
Both MS IIS and MS SQL Server use default local accounts when anonymous authentication is enabled.
So, it depends on the access rights for the local accounts. 


The traces successfully were produced after:
-  Confirming that the application was using fully 64-bit, using 64-bit versions of Datacom Server ODBC driver, PHP, and MS IIS.
-  Changing the target directory for the traces to a directory that the userid can access and write to, perhaps c:\Temp 
-  Restarting the default Web Site under MS IIS (START/STOP) to update the directory for the traces.

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