The Port CI was removed from domain manager but remains in SOI


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


A router was removed from Spectrum and the spectrum connector deleted the router along with it's port CI's from SOI. For some reason one of the port belonging to the deleted router is still showing up when searching in locator. The USM notebook tab for the port CI shows "Notebook is not available" message.


When a CI is added to service it get's a CIID and inserted in to CI table. It's USM notbook tab would contain
A reconcile sheet from CA Catalyst, also know as tenant0 or CA:00030 projection
A projection from the domain manager the CI is published from
A projection from CA SOI or CA:00047 - This is the projection for the problem port got deleted when the router was removed from domain manager. The other two projection became orphaned


Component: SOIMGR


- Since the port CI had a CIID used it to search it in locator, copied the CINameSpaceMapID's from the search result
- Backed up the DB
- Ran the following SQL queries to delete the problem port CI from the DB
  Delete from CI where CIId='CIID of he problem port CI' 
  Delete from CIStaging where CINamespaceMapID='use the id's copied from locator'
  Delete from ca_ssa_port where c_mdrelementid='use the id's copied from locator' 
  Delete from ca_ssa_ci_detail where c_mdrelementid='use the id's copied from locator'
  Delete from ca_ssa_notebooks where sheetname LIKE '%use the id's copied from locator%'