The action "Attach Event" set to an Event is not working


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While trying to attach an event that has an action to attach another event we are experiencing erros due to animator problems as bellow:

04/10 16:11:26.44 2K12DCSDMAPP01 spelsrvr 10464 ERROR pcexec.c 5523 Attempt to call unknown method _errmsg
04/10 16:11:26.47 2K12DCSDMAPP01 spelsrvr 10464 ERROR pcexec.c 6403 Spell interp failed at macro.spl:816:macro::execute: Attempt to call unknown function _errmsg
04/10 16:11:26.49 2K12DCSDMAPP01 animator_nxd 10536 ERROR animator_nxd.c 2723 Method 2 failed for event INTEGRAÇÃO - Direciona chamado para Field Service in animator ANI:3077955 (cr:1002964) for atev:2163123


The event Attached in this context is a custom event and there was anything wrong wil the Event macros.


Service Desk Manager 17


After customer reviewing the custom event and adjusted the conditions and actions for it, fixing some problems, the event started working well