Duplicate disk alarm by cdm probe version 6.34


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


The cdm probe appears to be generating duplicate alarms for one server.


- Custom profile


- UIM 8.51 or higher
- cdm v6.34
- OS: Windows 2012


  1. Delete the redundant profile under the cdm Custom Tab section for local disk with the same thresholds, 10% and 15%.
  2. To stop the duplicate alarms, just open the cdm probe and deselect the Custom profile checkbox and click Ok, then under the profile itself, also deselect the High and Low threshold checkboxes, and the alarms should disappear.
  3. Then after deselecting the Custom profile and clicking ok, after the cdm probe is restarted, the dupe alarms should disappear.
  4. Deactivate the probe when done, then delete the existing cdm alarms along with their dupes, then
  5. Activate the cdm probe and wait up to 15 minutes to ensure that the issue is resolved.