Rally - Tags: Can we archive or restore a tag using WSAPI?


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What does archiving a tag mean? Can we archive or restore a tag using WSAPI?


Component: ACSAAS


Tags can be archived. Archiving tags will make them unavailable for future selection for your artifacts. An archived tag will still be tagged to its artifacts, that association remains unaffected. Archived tags can be 'restored' and become available again.
Archived tags can also be permanently deleted. In order to permanently delete an archived tag you shall consent to remove it from all its associated artifacts, then it shall be entirely deleted.

The functionality of archiving or restoring tags is allowed for Administrators only, such as subscription admin, workspace admin and project admin.

This functionality can also be used with WSAPI. To archive/store tags using WSAPI you shall make POST calls to the "Tag" endpoint and updating the 'Archived' field. See example below:

This is the Archived field definition on the Tag endpoint:

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Here is a POST example of archiving a tag using WSAPI by setting the Archived field to 'True'.

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