CA View / Deliver - How to Redirect Report Activity When RMOSTC is Inactive
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CA View / Deliver - How to Redirect Report Activity When RMOSTC is Inactive


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If there is a need to do work on a CA View database (VERIFY, VERSION, UNLOAD, COPY), and if any CA Deliver RMOSTC task does direct writing (RMOPARM ARCHn=DIRECT[/...] to that database, then the activity occurring with the RMOSTC task needs to change.

What are the best methods to use to safely remove Deliver from the system?

How will Deliver handle the report activity, if only pre-spool processing is used?

For the initiator classes that Deliver is monitoring for its pre-spool processing, should those initiators be shut down, to stop the batch processing?

Is there another way to do this, so that batch processing does not need to be stopped?


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The best command to stop the CA Deliver RMOSTC task is "/F rmostc,OFF", as that will remove the hooks that Deliver places in the system. 

In its pre-spool processing CA Deliver uses RMOPARMs JOBCLSL and SYSCLSL.
In JOBCLSL, the job execution classes being monitored are defined.
In SYSCLSL, the sysout classes listed are being monitored.

When the RMOSTC task is stopped, Deliver loses its opportunity to process from running jobs. 

If there are many or all job execution classes (JOBCLSL=*) being monitored, it would then be recommended to shut down the initiators, to stop the batch processing while the RMOSTC is inactive.

If there are a few, or any, job execution classes being used, an alternative would be to have Deliver do post-spool processing (NETCLSL/NETDEST/NETFORM), so that the reports are processed, but will be sent to the spool for further processing.