How to escalate a ticket with a priority to expires in different time depending on the End User's Sector


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The scenario is:
A ticket that has a Service Type attached to a Category. When, after some period,  it is  Escalated, the Urgency/Impact is set in the event action to define a Priority through the Priority Calculation Matrix.
Depending on the End User's Sector, the same Priority set to the ticket, should be violated at different periods of time.
In example: 

For Sector A - Priority 2 will expires in 1 hours
For Sector B - Priority 2 will expires in 2 days

How to handle and resolve this scenario?


Service Desk Manager 17


If the Priority Calculation Matrix to define the priority is being used in this context, what we have is that only one active priority calculation matrix can be used.
Customer needs to define the OOTB priority levels and cannot have additional, in example, high-priority levels in that matrix.
When he sets a priority, he sets also a service type where contains several events.
So he won't be able to define wich specific "high-priority" will be considered. There is only one level "high-priority" in the matrix.
So he would be able to resolve this problem only through Events, where, when a ticket is escalated to High-Priority, a service type is attached with conditions inquiring wich is the Sector, and in the "actions on true", he would attach an event with delay time specific for each expiration time, depending on the Sector.
So: customer escalates a ticket to a "high-priority" (set the priority 1 in example)
. Priority 1 has a service type assigned to it .
. This service type has attached events where will ask about  the Sector
. if the sector is A, the action will attach an new event to expire in 1 hour
. if the sector is B, the action will attach an new event to the ticket that will expire in 2 days and so on