System Health Dashboard Query failures with Errors
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System Health Dashboard Query failures with Errors


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


This was reported against the System Health->Data Aggregator Queries Dashboard in Performance Management. The errors were observed in the "OpenAPI Query Processing Times" and "RIB Query Processing Times" Views. The Dashboard was set to use the 'All Groups' Group for Context.

This may be observed for other Views and Dashboards.

The top bar below the View title will show something like "1 of 2 queries failed. See logs for details."

Expanding the error drop down reveals the following error in the web UI:

<ul style="list-style:none;"><li style="list-style-type:none;">The source does not support the query, due to a runtime limitation. (Query ID: 53c4ce56-4c06-4a10-9489-9f5221ebf1c4)</li></ul> 

Enabling, gathering and reviewing RIB debug for the problem reports after reproducing the issue reveals the following common error. It is seen from both DA karaf.log, and from the PC console service log files.

[Vertica][VJDBC](6999) ERROR: The library [ApproximateMedianLib] for the function [APPROXIMATE_PERCENTILE(float)] was compiled with an incompatible SDK Version [8.1.0] 


Performance Management r3.6


Node3 in the 3 node DR cluster had it's /tmp space full. This prevented the package upgrades from completing post upgrade after a DB restart. The old package is what triggered the error.


Cleared out /tmp on Node3 and restarted the DB.

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RIB Debug: