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[ARA] Values of DynProps of type Protected/Passwords deleted when performing Custom Type Upgrades


Article ID: 131167


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Steps to reproduce:
  • Create a Custom Type e.g. for Environments, name v1, and in there, create a dynamic property (name it "/password") of type "protected". In the Custom Type definition, don't set a value. Activate the new Custom Type:
  1. name: /password
  2. protected: false
  3. highlighted: false
  4. type: Protected
  5. allowCustomValues: false
  • Create an Environment of this Custom Type (v1). It will surely have the DynProp /password. Set it to "test123" or any other non-empty value.
  • Create some workflow that reads out that value (via an Application-Component-Profile-bla-structure), e.g. via a custom action that simply echos that value. Result: The encrypted value (--10.....).
  • Create an updated version of the Custom Type, e.g. v2. Don't do any changes to it, just activate it.
  • Perform a type upgrade of the Environment created in step 2.
  • Re-run the workflow.

Expected result: The password still exists and has the same value as set. The workflow outputs --10... again.
Observed result: The password was deleted. The DynProp still exists, but with an empty value. The output is just "--10", the encryption of an empty string.


Component: ARLSMG


  • Defect: Bug confirmed


Please be informed that our the issue will be fixed in the following releases:
  • Release.Manager 8.0.5 (planned release on 2019-05-20)
  • Release.Manager 9.0.3 (planned release on 2019-06-04)
  • Release.Manager 10.0.0 (planned release on 2019-06-28)