Unable to mark task completed if ETCs of assignments is not 0
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Unable to mark task completed if ETCs of assignments is not 0


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Unable to manually update of status for a task if there are ETCs greater than 0 and Assignments are not Completed in Clarity PPM

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Create a task with one or more assignments.
  2. Ensure the assignments have ETCs >0
  3. Change the % Complete of the task to 100% (change of % complete will stick)
  • The assignments remain unchanged
  • Assignment ETCs remain
  • Assignment Status remains
  • The Task Status remains unchanged
      4.  Try to change the Status to Completed, an error is received:
       PRJ-07235: Invalid status for task having non-zero ETC


Component: PPMPRM


This is working as designed. The task cannot be marked completed if there are still any ETCs remaining. Change the ETC 0 then the task status should be able to be changed to Completed.

If however, all the assignments show as 0 and the summary task shows as 0 check to see if there are any orphan assignments.

To do this run query:


select * from prassignment where prtaskid = <enter InternalID of the task>

If you find an assignment where either PRPENDACTSUM and PRPENDESTSUM >  0 that is the assignment causing the issue.