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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I’m trying to create a classifier called CDN CITY. It’s not a regex JSON rather a seedlist classifier and file. I am following the steps found in

But when importing I get failed to import message – check the contents of the file. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong and just don’t realize it. I need some help to understand this function better. 


DocOps Not complete.


TDM Portal


Several items came out of this productive question.

1.  The error messages on the screen and in the log files have enhancement defects written against them to improve understanding of what is expected and what was seen by the program.

2.  Documentation is being improved.  What is missing as of April 18, 2019 is that when you create your Classifier, you place it in a folder structure like
Postal Code
Then zip the folder structure and import it.

3.  The other documentation that is not clear is the Seedlist Classifier instructions.  The name of the JSON Classifier just be the same as the Seedlist.  This means that if you name the JSON PostalCode.JSON, then the seedlist would be PostalCode.seedlist.  Please note that the only difference between the files is the extension.  This is NOT obvious in the documentation at this time. Once again, place it in a folder structure, zip the folder structure, then import.


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