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We should have a license to use as unlimited viewing, but are not able to use it. We don't know how to request a Viewer license, nor how to go about installing it. 

Our scenario is as follows: we have 6 Workgroup licenses, for a total of 10 people. We would like to allow the 4 remaining people to be assigned a "view-only" license anytime all 6 Workgroup licenses are already in use. 


Component: ARDLIC


You do not need to request a Viewer license to set this up. Any ARD installation can be configured to use a Viewer license. However, those systems which have a Viewer license installed will not be able to switch back to a "full" license on the fly. This would take manual effort.

To install a viewer license:
1) Launch the CodeMeter Control Center and delete any locally installed license shown in the user's machine.
2) Launch the CodeMeter WebAdmin page and make sure CodeMeter is not configured to the Concurrent License Server.  I'm not sure which would take precedence.
3) Open ARD and launched the License Wizard, from the user's ARD installation

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4) Click Next to advance to the next screen.

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5) Selected the Viewer License option, which will create a new local license in CodeMeter.

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If the user needs access to a full version of the license, they would need to delete the local license from CodeMeter, and launch the CodeMeter WebAdmin page and point CodeMeter to the Concurrent License Server.

Additional Information

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