Rally - Lockout: Why am I locked out? What can I do to get back to Rally?
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Rally - Lockout: Why am I locked out? What can I do to get back to Rally?


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My Rally account is locked out and I can't login. Why? How can I recover?


Component: ACSAAS


Accounts are locked out when a consecutive number of failed login attempts occur. This number is part of your subscription setup. Each wrong authentication attempt will count towards that limit. The counter of failing attempts does not reset simply with passing time. So, if two failed attempts were made last week and no other attempts were made since, that counter is still at '2' today. If your subscription attempt limit is '3' then today you will have one more try to authenticate.

One a successful authentication is made then the counter resets.

If the allowed authentication attempts is reached then your account is locked out. This is a precaution measure against your account being hacked. While locked out, you can't log into Rally or reset your password. 

The lock-out state is automatically uplifted after a certain amount of time defined by your subscription. Usually anywhere between 15 mins - 1 hour would be your lock-out period. After this time had passed, you shall use Forgot Password to reset your Rally password and log back into Rally.

If your situation is urgent and you can't wait that time then you should be able to contact either your subscription administrators or CA Support to unlock your account.