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In the process of installing Common Services 15.0 and what was downloaded does not seem to match up with what the install guide is saying.

The install guide says there will be a pax file called BASE and another called LEGACY. After unzipping the file that was downloaded it is not clear what file each is.

Each pax.Z file was un-paxed and the UNZIPJCL jobs were customized. Some look like Datacom files and another looks like Easytrieve files.

Need to know what each of the pax.Z are and what is needed.


When selecting a product from Download Management, if you simply select "Download" or "Add to Cart" you will get a zipped package containing ALL the products that are delivered as part of the CA Common Services product package.

If you click on the product name (CA Common Services MVS) a list of the individual packages will be presented and you can select which ones are desired for download.


Release: 15.0
Component: CCS390


The CA Common Services 15.0 documentation was updated to include the following table describing the individual packages delivered with CCS 15.0

  • Download the pax.Z files based on your requirements and unpax each (command: pax -rvf paxfilename)
  • No need to run UNZIPJCL delivered with the CCS Legacy paxfile as install related sample JCL is delivered with CCS Base
  • Run UNZIPJCL delivered with CCS Base. Downloads only SAMPJCL. Individual product relfiles no longer downloaded to DASD.
  • CA CSM Common Services only required if using CA Mainframe Software Manager (MSM) and utilizing CA MSM Software Deployment/Configuration
  • CA Easytrieve only needed for reporting purposes
  • CA Datacom/AD only needed if CA ENF requiring a database for event recording

Additional Information

Documentation: CA Common Services for z/OS - 15.0