Service Policy Rule threshold of less than 1 percent does not work


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CA Spectrum


we set up a service policy which uses a custom service policy rule set as we need to reflect contractual terms (99,5%) the service policy rule set basically says: "when X% of the resources are down then the service is down".
As long as we're using percentage values greater than or equal to 1 percent, the service health calculation seems to work. 
But as soon as we try to use a percentage value less than 1 percent, the service gets a health condition of down, which is not correct.
Please advise if it is supposed to work to use service policy rule set thresholds of less then 1 percent.


CA Spectrum 10.2.3


10.02.03.PTF_10.2.391 was built to resolve this.   


SPECTRUM 10.02.00,10.02.03 and 10.2.3_BMP_10.2.302 are the prerequisites for installation of this patch.

This patch needs to be installed on SpectroSERVER.


This is a PTF patch for the following issue:

DE412786 Details:
Symptom : Float value for "percent" was not being accepted. 
Resolution: Change the datatype of "percent" to float. 
(DE412786, 01331314)