The New UX timesheet is accepting 3 decimal point entries
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The New UX timesheet is accepting 3 decimal point entries


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Timesheet page accepts "fat fingered" responses with a 3rd decimal point. When user tabs or clicks away, only two decimals are displayed, so that when validation error appears, they don't know which field to correct.

Example: Time entry is mistakenly added as 1.501 User clicks or tabs away from field Display shows entry as 1.50
Error upon timesheet submission saying must enter as .25 hour increments.
User verified by vision on screen that all entries appear to meet this criteria.

In Classic UI we can set decimal points on timesheets in Settings.

In New UX two decimals are displayed but users can enter by mistake 3 decimals which will cause issues with reporting. Is this a defect?


Working by design

Unfortunately there is currently no way to set up the decimals in the timesheets in New UX.
One other thing you could do if you see users doing it a lot is to have the project managers return those timesheets to enforce the users to be more careful when submitting their time.